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Charvel Satchel Signature Yellow Bengal


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Charvel Satchel Signature Yellow Bengal


Reagan-era Sunset Strip glam metal, but there’s just no arguing with the ferociously slamming chops of guitarist Russ “Satchel” Parrish. Simply put, nobody puts the 1987 into today like Parrish and his metalloid feline cohorts, and Charvel is excited to deliver a huge horns-up in the tiger-striped form of the Satchel Signature Pro-Mod DK Yellow Bengal.

The instrument has an alder Dinky™ body with sharper-radius top edges and a flamboyantly florescent Yellow Bengal finish. Of special note are the two Fishman® Fluence Classic humbucking pickups, which share a single volume control knob with special push/pull dual voice activation. Using this control, the PRF-CHB-NB1 neck pickup delivers ideal-but-elusive vintage PAF humbucking neck pickup tone with just the right dynamics and output (voice one), or a Fluence-exclusive neck tone with clear and airy chime, unreal high end, highly vocal midrange and tight lows (voice two). Similarly, the PRF-CHB-BB1 bridge pickup delivers ideal vintage PAF humbucking tone calibrated for perfect output (voice one), or quintessential hot-rodded humbucking bridge tone without all the baggage (voice two). You get the idea—it sounds %$#@& huge.

The two-piece bolt-on maple neck has a Fender® Stratocaster® headstock with Charvel-branded die-cast tuners, graphite reinforcement and heel-mount truss rod adjustment wheel, and a Charvel neck plate. Atop that is a compound-radius maple fingerboard (12”-16”) with 22 jumbo frets and offset dot inlays. Other features include a three-way toggle pickup switch, rear-body “football” output jack, Floyd Rose® FRT-O2000 double-locking two-point tremolo bridge, and more.

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Charvel Satchel Signature Pro-Mod DK Features:

  • Signature model of Steel Panther’s Satchel
  • An amazing axe that gives you hot-rodded Fender style, Charvel feel, and killer humbucker tone
  • Fishman Fluence Classic active pickups give you an endless variety of sonic textures
  • Lightweight and resonant alder body topped with an eye-grabbing Yellow Bengal finish
  • Graphite-reinforced maple neck provides you with extraordinary stability
  • Compound-radius maple fingerboard with rolled edges makes chords and soloing easy and comfortable
  • Floyd Rose tremolo bridge delivers tight action and response, without sacrificing tuning stability

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